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this way to heidi
A window into my soul, a doorway to my world. Sharing whatever experiences i have and encounter in this mad, mad, mad world
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Umm….I gues this is a big “Oops…”
Posted:Apr 29, 2022 11:10 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 11:00 pm

Gah!!! I spent the night at Rene’s (I didn’t planned to and wasn’t supposed to) on Wednesday night and admittedly got a LOT carried away, and got up late on Thursday morning. Not super late, but late enough. I had a meeting at 8.30am and got up at 7.50am. Considering I had clothes from the day before (I went over right after work and uh…like I said, got carried away), I was in no shape to make this meeting.

Sooooo. In all my grogginess and panic, I tried texting the who I was supposed to meet. Midway through my typing, I accidentally hit the video call button. After realising what was happening, I tried to kill the call, but kept failing. The phone kept ringing. At this point I sat up from the bed and was…swearing. Rene got up to check on me. And then my picked up. Gaaaahh!!

The video came on and I just dropped the phone. Lol. What. A. Fucking. Fail. 🤣. I frantically texted my to tell her I hit the button by mistake and cooked up a story about not feeling well. Buuuut….I’m also not sure at the time what she saw or IF she saw anything. Rene and I were both naked in bed and I was fumbling on my phone. It’s not the worst thing that has happened, but fuck this one is embarrassing.

This morning (Friday). I met the same for what was supposed to be yesterdays meeting. It was awkward from the get go. We went through what we needed to work-wise, then she started out her sentence with “look, I know it’s none of my business but…”. You know that’s never a good sign. -_- Turns out she saw more than a . She told me she picked cos she thought I was genuinely trying to call her. She then asked if that was Rene that she saw through my phone. She knew who he was cos, it’s a small industry. She also knows that we’re both married. Not to each other. She then went on to tell me that there have been rumours circulating about how he’s seeing someone and some people (like I said, small-ish industry) have been gossiping about who this person was. She just thought she’d give me a heads and assured me that she’ll stick her head out of our business. Mother. Effing. Great.

I’m not sure how this will plan out but I should be prepared for this to…hit the fan I suppose. It doesn’t sound so bad after re-reading what I wrote, and by far it’s not the worst thing that has happened. But this is really embarrassing for me, for some reason
Umm….I gues this is a big “Oops…”
Posted:Apr 29, 2022 11:10 pm
Last Updated:May 4, 2022 8:29 pm

Gah!!! I spent the night at Rene’s (I didn’t planned to and wasn’t supposed to) on Wednesday night and admittedly got a LOT carried away, and got up late on Thursday morning. Not super late, but late enough. I had a meeting at 8.30am and got up at 7.50am. Considering I had clothes from the day before (I went over right after work and uh…like I said, got carried away), I was in no shape to make this meeting.

Sooooo. In all my grogginess and panic, I tried texting the who I was supposed to meet. Midway through my typing, I accidentally hit the video call button. After realising what was happening, I tried to kill the call, but kept failing. The phone kept ringing. At this point I sat up from the bed and was…swearing. Rene got up to check on me. And then my picked up. Gaaaahh!!

The video came on and I just dropped the phone. Lol. What. A. Fucking. Fail. 🤣. I frantically texted my to tell her I hit the button by mistake and cooked up a story about not feeling well. Buuuut….I’m also not sure at the time what she saw or IF she saw anything. Rene and I were both naked in bed and I was fumbling on my phone. It’s not the worst thing that has happened, but fuck this one is embarrassing.

This morning (Friday). I met the same for what was supposed to be yesterdays meeting. It was awkward from the get go. We went through what we needed to work-wise, then she started out her sentence with “look, I know it’s none of my business but…”. You know that’s never a good sign. -_- Turns out she saw more than a . She told me she picked cos she thought I was genuinely trying to call her. She then asked if that was Rene that she saw through my phone. She knew who he was cos, it’s a small industry. She also knows that we’re both married. Not to each other. She then went on to tell me that there have been rumours circulating about how he’s seeing someone and some people (like I said, small-ish industry) have been gossiping about who this person was. She just thought she’d give me a heads and assured me that she’ll stick her head out of our business. Mother. Effing. Great.

I’m not sure how this will plan out but I should be prepared for this to…hit the fan I suppose. It doesn’t sound so bad after re-reading what I wrote, and by far it’s not the worst thing that has happened. But this is really embarrassing for me, for some reason
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Viva La Revelations!
Posted:Apr 19, 2022 10:18 pm
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2022 11:18 pm

I just found out someone I know, and was quite fond of, jerks off to my photos. Lol
Fuck right? I don’t know if I should be creeped out by it, offended or flattered. I think it’s all of the above. And we’re not even talking about nudes. Just random, social media photos. And that, is fucking weird. Thankfully, I don’t interact with him anymore, cos it’ll be….awkward, to say the least. I’m strangely weirded out more by the fact that he jerks off to random photos of me more than the jerking off to my photos itself. Is that strange?

I bumped into an old friend of mine on the way into office this morning and we caught over coffee and she kinda let slip that juicy bit of news. Lol. You know how breakfast conversations can be like….uh…right?

Moving on.

I spent last weekend at Rene’s. He twisted his knee (thankfully not a more serious injury) right before the weekend and that kinda fucked my plans of getting fucked . That’s literally getting fucked . I had such night hopes of getting fucked against the wall, with my legs straddling his arms, or riding that dick while he carries me around his place, but no. None of that happened. Instead I had to help babysit his while they swam. At the very least, I had a good few hours working on my tan. Actually it kinda got overworked. I’m slightly burnt. Heh.

I also realised that Rene whines. A lot. Which is a giant irony cos he’s built like a fucking tank. But credit to him, he still managed to cook all the meals for the weekend and do all his household chores, even in crutches. All I did was keep his occupied. Heh. But gawd damn he whines. Mostly about his work, and his not-yet--wife who’s giving him a hard time. All valid whining reasons, but I guess I just never noticed it when I could ride that dick in exchange. Lol. It’s just that now I’m noticing the whining a lot more. Heheheh.

Good news is I did managed to…..coax that dick into action, albeit in a less vigorous manner, but I still got good use out of that wonderful dick and that magnificent body. So, not a complete waste. His dick is surprisingly heavy too. Funny how I also never noticed that before. When it’s flaccid, and I’m playing with his balls and just playing with his dick, it’s got considerable weight to it. Lol. No wonder he’s got abs of steel. Carrying that thing around seems like hard work. Lol.

Revelation number .

A few days ago I was having a few drinks over at a friends place. of the guys seemed a off from his usual self and I didn’t think much of it. We all have those days. late into the night, right before I was leaving that we find out his dick was swollen. We were taking about vaccines and booster shots and their side effects. He then mentioned that he had his booster shot a few days ago and that caused his sick to swell. Lol

Of course we called bullshit on that. To which he asked if we wanted to see, as proof. Before anyone of us could reply, he stood and dropped his pants. And fuck my eyes! (That’s an expression. It’s not literal…). His dock looked like a salami. Like a giant, swollen tube of toothpaste. Fuck. I can’t seem to get that image out of my head now. -_- Trust me, not something you wanna witness. It looked swollen. Like double the usual size. I’m just assuming cos I actually have never seen his dock minus the swelling. We all think it might have been an insect bite instead of whatever he thinks is the reason. And yes, he has gone to the dr. That would have been a hilarious visit, I’d imagine. Lol
But yeah. That’s the kinda friends I have. The drop-your-pants without warning kind. Lol

Hope y’all are having a good week. And as always, thanks for popping by!
Fuck. How hard is it to get laid?
Posted:Apr 15, 2022 1:05 am
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2022 9:06 pm

I was all set on blogging about last weekend, which was what you’d call a “fun-filled weekend”. But! I’m super irritable cos well..this is what I’m about to bitch about.

It’s been a rough week for me on several fronts. Work wise as well as a few other things that’s been fucking up plans. It’s a long weekend too. So, I started Thursday feeling a little needy. Had a good long text conversation with the husband through the whole day and that helped. A lot. But I was still feeling….like I needed physical companionship. I reached out to Rene, and bam! I was going over for the night. The only catch was, he had gonna play soccer with his colleagues after work. He asked if I wanted to join him cos it was a mixed group. I figured, why not, so I joined them. Little did I know 😑

They were brutally serious about their game. March? What do you call it? Either way, they were fucking serious about it. They were screaming at each other and some of them were pretty rough with each other. I’m pretty rubbish at the sport, and they were nice enough to leave me and a few others (who also sucked) out of the roughhousing. But we still got screamed at. Lol. One of the other guys were screaming at me for something, and I just looked at him and shrugged. I was really trying hard to not laugh at how serious they took it. Hey, I was just there to kill time mostly. All I wanted to do was shake my ass a little, check my own reflection when I was running around in my tiny shorts, then go back and fuck my French supercop. 😝 LOL.

Then I got smacked in the thigh by the ball really, really hard. I’m gonna have the mark of the ball on my thigh the whole weekend. Turns out, small shorts aren’t ideal for soccer. Then, Rene twisted his knee. Badly. Bad enough a few of us had to send him to the hospital. He doesn’t think anything is torn but they’ve scheduled a scan sometime next week. He’s now gonna be in crutches the whole weekend, and we’ll into next week, we think. So not only do I now have a soccer ball shaped bruise on my thigh, I’m helping him around the house and babysitting him AND his on Saturday. Oh, and needless to say, there was no bull riding that night. 😑

So that’s my long weekend ahead. Not what I had in mind, but ah well. Looks like I’m gonna be that “skimpy swimsuit lady with the ” by the pool again. At least I’ll work on my tan, bruised thigh or no bruised thigh.

Hope your weekends going better. Happy Easter Sunday!
Multiverse mayhem - Rene and the alternate reality
Posted:Mar 30, 2022 5:38 am
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2022 9:06 pm

I’m back! In Singapore, that is. Well. To be honest I thought I’d be updating my blog from home in Bali by now but…shit happens. Not just yet. The minute travel opened up here. I've been to Italy and Australia twice for work and haven’t had the chance to go back to Bali yet, but it’s real close now.

Anyhow. I got back midweek just in time to spend 2 days with the husband before he got hauled off to China for work, so he’ll be away for awhile. That meant my weekend freed up and I spent it at Rene’s. Yup. That is still going on. So let’s blog about that for a bit. 

I packed a small bag for the weekend at his place and met him for dinner on friday night. I had a small fight with the husband right before he left (a day before. Yeah, not the best way to send him off on his trip but a few things going on there that’s been bugging us both. But let’s not go there for now) so I was kinda in one of my moods. So when I met Rene, I was looking for the kind of date where there’ll be little talking and more fucking. Those kinds of date.

We met up at the cafe we both liked but I wasn’t really interested in the food. I had a lot of pent up energy and emotions to release. There I was, impatiently waiting and midway through dinner, his phone rang. He works for the French embassy here so he’s pretty much on call all the time, and they wouldn’t usually call unless there was an emergency. So fuck me, I guess there was an emergency. We left the cafe and I tried not to sulk too much but we hopped into different cabs and he went off to work and I went back to his place. I was out cold by the time he got back so that was a let down. 

Saturday morning. I woke up to him kissing my neck and sliding his semi hard dick between my butt cheeks. I was half asleep and groggy as fuck when I felt him slide his dick into me. I was surprised I was already lubed up cos I was still trying to orientate myself. Took me a few more seconds for the sensations to hit me and I started thrusting my hips backwards as he was pushing himself deeper into me. That spurred him to move up into his knees, straddled my left leg while holding up my right, and was enthusiastically slamming himself into me. This caused me to moan a lot louder (how can I resist…) and he cupped my mouth with his other hand. I was like, ok. A little early for that but fuck yes, I will run with this. I moaned louder still and he then leaned in to tell me to keep it down. His were in the next room. 

Like what. The. Fuck. Right? Lol. After that build up? Shit. I like his . Theyre really sweet. But how anti-fucking-climatic is that?! We fucked that way for awhile before I told him to lie down so I could ride him. And you better fucking believe I fucking rode him. By the time I came, I was hyperventilating. Lol. We got up after, he made breakfast and I spent the first half of the day at the pool with him and his . To be fair, I had no idea his were going to be around so I didn't bring appropriate.

I’m kinda used to people giving me odd looks in condo pools when I’m in skimpy swimsuits. But damn do they give you odd looks when you’re in skimpy swimsuits and managing . At one point I was trying to be serious cos I had to explain something to his but caught myself in the reflection and found it hard to even take myself seriously when my ass is exposed and my nipples are poking through. Lol. I really should care more cos Rene stays there and I don’t wanna make it awkward for him, but I also found it hard to give a fuck. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get back to him. Ah well. Rene sure as hell didn't seem to mind one bit and his were also pretty cool about it so, I think i was ok for not giving a fuck. Those other parents though...

The whole thing got me thinking - as much as I complain about it, I do like spending time with him and his . In an alternate reality (I’ve just started watching Loki too so…heheh), this could have been my life. Married, condo, two . taking up most of my time and attention (how could they not? Right?  His are frankly, very adorable), “parents” sneaking time alone as and when we can. I suppose that was what could have happened. I’m not complaining, I like the life I have and I certainly love the husband, even though we fight like we do. It’s just that this is about as close as I could get away with. Literally, “what if”. So that was my saturday. The whole day playing my "what if" fantasy It was tiring as fuck though, managing nad trying to have a little fun.

The plus point though, Sunday evening i got invited back to his place for a nice, home-cooked dinner with really nice French wine nad a big, black, super-hero to fuck for dessert. LOL
Rene was so appreciative. I sat on his face while i drank wine and he literally held me there for a good 15mins, holding my hips down in place while he made me cum on his face twice. We fucked so hard that night, we fucked til we came, fell asleep, woke up, and fucked again. We did this a few times until our alarms rang. I was so tired on monday I was walking funny. LOL

Someone in my office mentioned casually when i walked past them that I looked "hammered". I looked up, thought for a few seconds before replying that I was hammered. LOL

It's one of those things that i remember the good time after that i forget the challenging time before, cos i actually agreed to go with them to the zoo sometime this week. That's gonna be challenging....BUT!! I'm actually already thinking about the "after" that follows. LOL
Guess I’ll have to try plan B
Posted:Jan 25, 2022 9:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 3:59 am

I’ve been trying to stay clear of Rene and any of the guys I’ve been seeing semi regularly since the past post. That’s…almost a week. 🤪. Someone called me a sex addict lately and it’s been giving me a complex. Like a real complex. To be honest, I’ve kinda come to terms with it being almost true. (Not gonna admit it fully. Yet. ). But anyhow, I was saying - I’ve been trying to stay dick free this past week. Let’s leave that there for a second. I’ll come back to that

I’ve been stressing big time in the past week. First up, I’m traveling back to Bali end of the first week of Feb, leaving me one more week here. That’s one week to tie down everything before I go. It’s a fucking logistical nightmare. Then, I’m also contemplating a job offer. Not being able to decide on that yet, I’m also dealing with the current job, which is smack middle of budget discussion. I’m in the process of validating the budget I had asked for last year. Hang on, didn’t I already go through that last year? Of fucking course I did. We ALL did. But hey, who’s to say this bureaucratic corporate bullshit is all a waste of time? Uh-uh, not me. As if we don’t all already have too many hoops to jump through.

And then there’s Rene. We all knew this day would come. I told him early this week and he’s clearly not happy. On one hand he knows there really nothing we can do about it. It is what it is, as the saying goes. I think I’ve been trying to wean off Rene, or weaning myself off him. Both ways, I think. That’s why I’ve been hesitating to meet him this past few days. That’s one half of it. The other half of it was spurred on by me bumping into JA.

JA is a guy I met at Mr Greek’s restaurant while back. Mr Greek was a fwb at the time, and while waiting, JA took my number and I ended up having a thing with him very briefly. We fucked on more than one occasion in his home, on his bed when his wife was out. That was admittedly, sooo wrong, but at the same time, was such a turn on. That bit him in the ass cos his wife found out. I suppose it’s never surprising. These things usually get found out. But anyhow. It got ugly and we ended our fling there and then. He started texting me last weekend and I’ve been ignoring him. I don’t have the capacity to deal with one more person at this time and frankly, I think it’d be best if I didn’t indulge him in whatever he wants with me. To be fair he could just want to talk but uh…quite highly unlikely. 😇

Bumping into JA kinda reminded me how bad things can get, although it’s a completely different situation between Rene and I. So anyhow, I managed all of….3 days keeping myself free from dicks.

I got up early this morning feeing all…pent up. Like I jumped outta bed about 4.30am. I’d normally just go back to bed but for whatever reason, I was super wound up. So I decided I’d go for a run. That usually helps. I shower, change, throw on my running shoes and was on the streets in 15mins. Then at 5am, barely a few mins into my run, I get a text from Rene, asking if I wanted to hit the gym with him in the evening. I replied, telling him I’m already on my run. His immediate reply was to ask if I wanted to run over to his place. He’d throw in breakfast and coffee. I was contemplating the offer, so my reply was just slightly delayed. He didn’t wait, and told me he missed our “koala time”, and he really wanted to bounce me off his dick. He then added, that I could scream as much as I wanted. That sweet talker. Lol

It was all that lent up energy, and general horny-ness, I’ll admit; I turned back, ran back up, grabbed my things and got a cab over before it was even 5.30am.

Soooo…yeah. I DID bounce on his dick, all morning, in fact. I didn’t scream though. Somehow when he told me I could, it didn’t feel like I wanted to. I did also scratch him quite badly though. I think i was a little too aggressive. It’s all that pent up energy, I tell ya. I’ll tell ya something else, I’m really, really gonna miss hanging off his dick, holding on to his neck or those broad shoulder of his. I don’t know what happened between him and his soon to be ex wife, I mean, a LOT can happen between two people, but I’ll bet my left asscheek it wasn’t the sex, cos that frenchy can fuck! Lol So yeah, my…”refrain from dick” plan didn’t go too well. But uh…I sure as hell emptied his balls out this morning. 😊

Maybe…umm…I should check if they were really emptied out. I mean, I tried staying away….didn’t seem to work so…wonder if he’s got dinner plans 😊. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.
My week in review - I'm pretty sure that's a clinical problem :P
Posted:Jan 20, 2022 3:12 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 6:51 pm

I took the morning off today and went to the beach alone. I think I needed the space. Been spending a lot of time with Rene and I'm feeling a lot....claustrophobic. A lot of it is also my fault, so yeah. I blew him off last night specifically so I could hit the beach this morning. I got up at 5am, left the house quarter to 6am and was at the beach before 7am. I made a mental note to not swim, but I couldn't help myself. The swim was good, the sun was fantastic, but having to deal with other people being on the beach alone in a thong bikini wasn't that all fun. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood. But anyway. This morning was super therapeutic.

Like I said, Rene and I have been spending a lot of time together.It IS enjoyable, don't get me wrong. But we both also know it's really unhealthy for the both of us. We both want different things in this relationship but it's so fucking fun at the moment we can't help ourselves. But anyhow. Monday night, we met after work and he joined me in my workout in a crossfit gym. He's in very good shape so it wasn't too hard for him. We already spent the entire weekend together, mostly with me riding him, so I made a mental note to NOT go back to his place after the workout. I even mentioned it a few times to him.

We got through the workout without any hitch, then as we were walking back, we had to take an alley to get to where we were planning to get our dinner. I was on my phone trying to reply a few messages when he grabbed me from behind, lifted me off my feet, and started kissing and biting my neck. Of course I screamed . He put me down against a wall, and slid his hand to the front of my shorts, rubbing my crotch. It must have been the workout, the smell of his sweat, our sweaty bodies sliding against each other...probably all of the above; I reached down behind me and grabbed his dick through his shorts. I then told him to order food and get it delivered to my place, and I grabbed a cab. So yeah, we spent Monday night at my place :S

He left early on Tuesday morning and we didn't get much sleep. I got into office groggier and crankier than usual, and I was talking to a colleague of mine during lunch in the pantry when Rene walked in, talking to another of my colleague. He was there for work, and we didn't do a really good job of not being....weird about it . But anyhow. I was explaining to my colleague about how my husband is stuck abroad at the moment (of all the things I could have ben discussing, Rene walks in on this ) Of course my colleague started asking if I miss him and all and I said of course I do, and the conversation continued as such. I could see from the corner of my eye that Rene was listening in too. I didn't think too much about it after cos I was distracted with work.

He then texted me later that evening, asking what time I'll be over (yeaaaah...we have come to that stage ). I told him I had a call with the husband that night so I'll be taking that at home. (I did. But I also had a call with the boyfriend too...) He didn't message back, and by the time I got to his place, it was past 10pm. He was all sulky by the time I got there. Then I realised that he had prepped dinner and I missed it. I kinda felt bad about that, but mostly horny cos I had great talk with the husband (which is always, always nice), then another one with the boyfriend so..that really got me in the mood. I didn't really want to talk to Rene cos by that time, I was all "talked" out, although I kinda sensed that he did. So I did the next best thing. I sat on the floor in front of him while he was on the couch, leaned back and teased him with my feet. LOL

I slid my feet up and down the inside of his thighs first, then nudged his balls gently, then his already hard dick. I told him to keep watching the tv, and I pulled his pants down, and jerked him off with my feet. Don't know how other people do it, but gain damn that's a killer ab and thigh workout right there. LOL. My abs and thighs were burning by the time I dragged him into the shower with me. I didn't ride him that night, and let him pin me down mostly. We didn't even get to any of the standing sex. Heh. Yeah, no "koala time". But he gives a good dicking so...can't complain.

So, Wednesday came. I left for work from his place and already, for some reason, felt very constricted. I don't think it's anything he did that was out of the ordinary that caused it, but I felt how I felt. We were supposed to meet for lunch again but I kinda had to take a break so I told him as much - that I was gonna take some time for myself for awhile. To be fair, he did give me my space but he also texted me a few times through the day, which I kinda ignored. I also ignored texts from the bf too so....not that it equates to anything. LOL. I think it's a combination of work being a total bitch, the fact that I'll be leaving the country soon, and a few other things that for some reason, surfaced that day.

By the time evening came, I was craving for a drink. Yeah, I was in that mood. I texted an old friend of mine. We've always stayed in contact but I haven't spoken or met her in a really long time but she's my go-to person for..... those naughty nights out. I asked her if she wanted to meet me for a drink or two. Or 15 maybe She told me she was actually going on a date that night, but being the good friend that she was, told me to come along. She'll even make it a double date. I just wanted a few drinks so I figured, I'll join her. Oh yea, I knew it was a terrible idea from the time I said yes

I ran back home, showered and dressed, and rushed to meet Angie and her date. Well, met my date too.
I threw on a halter top party dress, cos, why the fuck not right? When else was I ever gonna wear that. It was a relief everyone else dressed up too. We met about 8pm for dinner, and I can't even fucking remember my date's name now, but he was quite cute. A bit of a schmuck, but had a good sense of humour so, that helped. I don't know if the guy was Angie's steady partner but I've met him before with her too so dinner wasn't too awkward. Maybe the fact I kept knocking my drinks back played a huge part. Restaurants here close by 10pm so I kinda knew I was on a clock.

I also kinda expected that Angie would suggest going someplace else too, and by that stage I was past my 7th glass of wine. I had to lean into my date when we left the restaurant, which he gladly obliged, cupping his hands on my ass and all.
We ended up back at his place where I took in a few more glasses of whiskey and He was trying to tell me about how special it was but I couldn't give two hoots. I just downed them. The only thing it helped was numbing the tastebuds cos a real short while later I had his dick in my mouth. . He returned the favour by going down on me but I was too buzzed to enjoy it so...I actually can't say if he was good or not. Heh. But, he started fingering me, first with two fingers, then he slid three in, and was trying to slide in one more when I told him to stop. He did, but tried again like a few seconds later, and I kicked him in the chest. I was kinda aiming for his shoulder but missed. LOL. He got the message after that.

I remember him slipping the rubber on, I remember him keeping his shirt on too, but I mostly laid there for good ol missionary while trying to cum. He tried to lean in to kiss me a few times but I held on to his collars and...that's a pretty good way to control, actually. LOL Need to try that with Rene at some point, I think. I held him at bay and pulled him in as much as I could. I didn't cum -_- I only vaguely remember falling asleep but Angie woke me up early the next morning. He offered to send me home but I blatantly just ignored hm. That should make it obvious enough I'm not seeing him again.
I threw my dress on and made the walk of shame home. It's been....sooo fucking long since I've done that. It's....sobering. LOL

SO yeah. That was last night. I called in to tell them I'm taking half a day off, went back home to shower, pack and went straight to the beach. Every fucking time I get stressed. Hmm...
Best alarm clock. Ever. :)
Posted:Jan 16, 2022 8:21 pm
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2022 10:51 pm

Fuuuuck me. I'm back in the office for barely half a day and I already feel like running out. I had a topic in mind earlier but I kinda forgot. I can feel it sitting there at the tip of my mind somewhere but I just can't put my finger on it now. I'll start on my weekend then. Since I'm here.

I had a very late Friday night - work til about pm and then had a video call with the husband. That turned out to be a fun. He got me all riled up and I didn't resist too much when Rene asked if I wanted to go over. Of course I did. It close to 1am by the time I got there and he had his over. They were already asleep, of course, so we crept into the bedroom and I didn't waste much time in stripping him and riding him til he came. I didn't stop until I came, then I just dozed off. LOL. I literally fell asleep on his chest. He woke me up up about 7am. He had to take his for breakfast before sending them back to their mom.

Well, I woke up with his head between my legs. He woke me up by his tongue. It was a jolt, at first, but uh...that's literally the best way to be woken up. Officially. He tongued and fingered me til I came, then left with his . They didn't even know I was there. Which is a bonus, I guess. I got up and left shortly after they left, and felt a bit bad cos other than that, we barely spoke to each other. We texted, and that's about it. The rest of the weekend went well. I met up with a few old friends, one of which knows the person who might potentially be my next employer. "Might". Nothing's confirmed yet.

Then last night, I got to be early and woke up really, really horny about 2am in the morning. Now, I don't normally do this - I usually just stay in bed, or rub one out, then go back to bed. I mean, it's a working day, right? But I texted Rene, then got up, packed a few things (make up, toiletries, work clothes) and not even waiting for a reply, got a cab to his place. Like I said, I don't think I've done that in a really, reeeaally long time. But to be fair, he DID give me a set of keys into his place. So....

I got to his place, made sure there were no , then stripped and crept into bed with him. I wanted to wake him up the same way he did. I crept into bed, and barely touched him when he jumped out of bed and almost took my head off! He was screaming and swinging and knocked me onto the floor. LOL. I was shocked, so I screamed. He didn't get my message, and he didn't hear me come in, and must have thought I was an intruder. It all happened under a minute. After he realised who I was, he calmed down, and was about to go on and on about how scary it was and how he could have hurt me and so on.

I wasn't listening. I was goal oriented. LOL I made it a point to crawl towards him, slid my hands up his thighs to pull his shorts down, and put my lips on his dic Hang on, it his balls first. I made it a point (heh. Pun intended) to not touch his dick until he hard. I licking and sucking on his balls and knew his dick hard when his balls tightened. That, is such a turn on I slobbering and gagging on his dick furiously, and he even had his hands behind my head, holding me there while he thrusts upwards, making me gag been more. I held on for as long as I could, then started to really choke before I came up for air. He pulled himself closer to me but I pulled back, stood up, got off the bed and bent over so I leaning onto the bed, sticking my ass up. I motioned him to come around, and he did.

It went hard and fast, which kinda my whole idea. He slid right in, and didn't pause, like he usually does. I felt the tip of his dick enter me, then one constant motion, him stretching me out, then it just kept going deeper, and deeper. Still make me gasp for air. Heh. He pounding hard and fast, and I rest my head onto the bed so I could put my hands behind me, which a cue for him to grab them, which he did. He pinned my hands behind my back with one hand, and the other pulling my head up and bac I don't know which it - the hair pulling, or the head being pulled back, or him slamming himself into me violently, making loud, lewd notes, probably all of the above - that made me cum hard.

He kept fucking me from behind, and fucked through my orgasm. LOL Which is always fun. But in all honesty, he didn't even knew I came. LOL. I about to hit my second orgasm when he pulled out and came on my bac I slumped over, still taking it in when he went out to get a towel for me. And water. He asked if I wanted to wipe myself down, and I just grabbed the water from him, and crawled onto his bed, cum covered, and flipped over and laid down. He wasn't very pleased at it and I think, at the time, that was the point. LOL. I don't know why I did that. Maybe to make my mar..? I fell back asleep shortly after and came to work from his place.

Hmm....Maybe that's why I'm a off my game today. Maybe I should test that theory out a more. Heh.
I still can't remember what it I wanted to post about initially, but ah well. Thisll have to do
What a hypocritical bitch.
Posted:Jan 13, 2022 11:54 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2022 6:56 pm

Ok. This one is a confusing. How do I feel good and bad at the same time? 😣. I was with Rene at the beach with his last week. It was a weekday morning so I was going there wouldn’t be a lot of people there. Why was I there with him and his ? Fucked up truth is, I actually like spending time with them. It’s usually a fun time. But I really should stop. But I’m digressing. Back to the beach.

I actually don’t have a lot of family friendly swimwear. Never cared, so never bought. So I ended up wearing a white, high waisted one piece that I had got a few years ago. It’s the I had and it was actually decent. Didn’t show too much ass, and I didn’t get it wet, so it wasn’t too see through. 😝. We were throwing a frisbee between us when I heard someone my name and I see Sam walking over. Sam is the same that I blogged about before. The hypocritical judge-y one. I knew her from way back when we used go clubbing together and pick up guys. Needless to say, she’s no angel. Ok, she was a Hoe. 😂LOL.

Anyhow. She came round with her and husband in tow. We exchanged pleasantries and they turned and walked away. She kept checking back and must have saw who I was with. She said nothing else to me, except wave occasionally when we caught each other’s eye. A few days later, I get a text from a mutual friend of ours, someone I’m closer with. Apparently she’s been going round telling anyone who’d listen about how immoral I was, being married, cheating on my husband, and probably being a home wrecker. She even posting some holier than thou post on her social media and shit.

I know, that she knows, that I don’t have a social media presence mainly this reason, amongst others, and she has gathered a few people into this, bashing, of sorts. A friend of mine saw it and called me to speak about it cos I’m one of the discussions, this bitch actually used my name. Surprisingly, I really could care less. I think it was sweet that this friend of mine called to check in on me, but other than that, Sam can really go herself. She didn’t wanna say a word me but goes on and on behind my back is quite low. Now I also know a fact, that she’s equally as much of a “” as I , can be, judging by her standards, but hey, she can be who she wants be. pretends be. Doesn’t matter. 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’ll let them slug it out. I ain’t getting involved in that. 😝

Not gonna change anything. I’m still riding that dick. It IS still enjoyable. Although I have admit, I do have a problem. I really shouldn’t keep getting involved in more dicks. Lol.

In other news, I recently got a job offer that looks quite good. Bad news is, it would require me stay put and not go back Bali. That’s a BIG issue. But we’ll see.
It's a new dawn, it's new's a new year!
Posted:Jan 8, 2022 8:08 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2022 6:17 pm

Holy crap! Where did the time go? Christmas and new year has come and gone, and here we be, trying to keep our shit together.

Ok, a brief update - I had wanted to post about the talk I had with Rene the week before Christmas, but things kinda came flying in my face, left, right, and center, so here it is, the condensed version. One fine evening when the weather still cool, I asked him to meet me in a park, and I picked a bench in a corner so I could lay the news onto him. Public park, but less people, public enough for less drama (for both of us) and private enough we could talk without being heard. So anyhow, I told him the truth. Most of it

I told him I married, and I had zero plans to leave the husband. The husband travels for work a lot, and I aware I stringing him along. I also going to leave the country in 2 months time. I also ended with telling him how much I really liked him. And that the truth. So. We agreed there no hope in moving forward, considering how he really for a more conventional, steady relationship and partner. We also agreed to stop seeing each other. And we did. Well, almost a wee The first weekend without him a odd. Melancholic, but also, lifting. I used that time to really clean up the place and pack up to head home (to Bali, in about a month's time. FINALLY!). I packed up the boyfriend's things and kept it all in his room.

The rest of the week passed relatively drama free, until he texted me the following Friday morning, which Christmas Eve. I ....really happy he texted and made no secret of it. We texted back and forth a bit before agreeing to meet that very afternoon cos he had his over and cooking dinner. I actually had a really good time with them before accompanying him to send them back to their mom. We went back to his place and fucked our way well into the Christmas weekend and have actually been quite inseparable ever since. I even took a few work calls naked in his bed, which he found really amusing. I thought that cute. The husband kinda got used to it by now cos we (the husband and i) actually do that quite often

Rene didn't find it as amusing when I took a video call with the husband naked in bed at home with Rene being very quiet in the living room though. But ah well, it is what it is. Yeah. I've also begun bringing Rene home. He asked about the room with all the other guys stuff and I told him we renting it out to some guy. (I think Rene has enough truths for now)

So, thesis where we're at. The husband is coming back in two weeks time and we're leaving in a month's time. This morning, Rene had to get up early to head back into office for wor Some emergency meeting. I rolled around in bed and rubbed myself til he came out of the shower. And yes, it deliberate, I put on a show. It worked. He came over to tell me what a tease I , and I pulled him back into bed and really tried to ride him hard, after getting him hard. I climbed on top of him and rode til I felt a pull in my inner thigh. I stopped abruptly, but he just sat up, slid his hands under my legs behind my knees and pick me up. I hanging from his dick, which he stabbing into me, as I hung onto his shoulders. Of course I came. LOL. I fucking love that standing up fuc The hard ones too. .

We were both soaked by the time we were done, and he jumped back into the shower. I deliberately didn't. I also deliberately picked his white stripped shirt to wear, threw a belt around my waist, and left all my clothes from last night in his place. He a irritated that he had to grab another shirt, but more aroused that I had nothing on under his shirt, and I gonna leave the house with him. We hopped into a cab and I dropped him off at work before heading home, but I well aware I smelled like sex and that really got Rene going. LOL. He had his hand between my legs the entire ride there. He's spending time with his after he's done with work but promised he'd swing by immediately after. I guess the more I tried to change things, the more they stay the same.
Establishing the appeal
Posted:Nov 30, 2021 10:37 pm
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2022 5:53 pm

Alright. So this past weekend was a big fail. I've been trying to not spend as much time with Rene, all things considering. But uh...ok, I spent the weekend over at his place. Yes yes....I am aware that's the exact opposite of what I had planned but...I was craving dick. His dick so...whaddayoudo, right?

We even spent Sunday morning at the beach with his . It was a nice family time. His family, but it was nice being...included. I also need to remind him he owes me one trip to the beach, just the two of us, at a time where there'd be less people, preferably. That body of his needs to be accompanied by me in a really tiny bikini before he rips it all off. Oh, sorry. I'm getting distracted . I was saying, I spent the night over on Saturday, and Sunday I even went with him to pick his up. Of course I wanted in the car. God forbid his ex wife sees him with someone else (his main concern). My main concern was being seen at all! But anyhow.

I went back home to change and pack a few things in the afternoon while he sent his back and we met up again in the evening at his place. And yeah, I spent the night again. But back to this - before delving deeper into my motivation/desire into doing this, lets first deal with the sex.

Across the few days we've been spending time together, the sex is fan-fucking-tastic. What can I say, I like that big, fat dick. I like riding it. I like that it's the only thing holding me up when we fuck standing up. I even like it jammed down my throat. In fact, I like the standing missionary (with him carrying me and slamming into me at the same time. Bonus if we're moving around) so much he's called me his koala bear. Fuck. I gotta admit. It's a funny nickname. But it's not good he's given me a lil nickname. That talk will happen soon now. Must. But that's another post.

I was gonna write about the attraction - my attraction to him.
Physically, that's a big one. He IS an attractive person. I think I've mentioned that once or twice (or two billion times. LOL )
Then there's the fact that he's married. That kinda hooked me in. I actually only agreed to go out with him after finding out he's married with . Separated, but technically still married. Then the whole /family time thing.

I think this whole thing is a big role-play, and I'm quite ashamed to admit that I like it. Gives me a chance to be someone else. The sex is good. I find that I have and prompt him a fair bit but when it gets going, sex is a knock out. Also, the fact that he has to be discreet about it kinda appealed to me in the beginning. He's not trying to be discreet anymore so that's why I'm probably having that talk with him in a few days.

While we're on the subject, I'm also aware that I've been leaning towards....rougher sex of late. It's been a habit this past year. I've never been against it, but never really sought it out. But this year, I think with the husband and boyfriend staying together, and me having them around, really allowed me to explore it. I won't get into it with just anyone. But some people just....bring it out . Really had the chance to fulfil that desire with the husband and boyfriend right before they both left. We'll see if that picks up when I see them both again.

This whole feet thing with Rene is taking off too. I was straddling him and riding him Sunday night, and I leaned back to shift my legs forward and stuck my feet in his face. He gladly sucked on my toes and it I think I liked it more that i was completely on top of him, as in my entire weight on him and was still able to grind away without him feeling my weight. He was super turned on by that so, that was good.

So yeah, that talk is happening. I gotta do that. He's already including me in his Christmas plans with his friends and and all. We'll see if thats still happening. But yeah, thanks for reading
Leggings, feet, and an update
Posted:Nov 28, 2021 8:11 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2021 7:53 pm

Leggings are comfy. I don't care if some people think they're inappropriate, I don't care if they ride up, I don't care you can see the bruise on my upper thigh. They are comfy, as, . lol. At least the one I'm in now. I've been thinking about getting rid of them for awhile now but apparently people actually go out and see through leggings. Why the would anyone do that? Wear them enough and they'll get thinner anyway. But I digress. Regardless, they are fucking comfy.

I was supposed meet someone early this morning for a quick work discussion but they cancelled, AFTER I was already where we were supposed meet. So I made my way the gym, got a workout in (although I did the barest of minimum ) and am now in a cafe trying work. I'm quite proud of how productive I'm being. LOL It's a beautiful sunny morning and I can feel the pump in my legs. LOL

Aaaanyway. Here's an update - the boyfriend has left. Went back home and he should be back in mid January, and we should be able catch each other before the husband and I leave. But as with everything in these times, it's never certain. So, the plan was, take some time for myself, you know, just appreciate the space I all myself again. Well, that WAS the plan. Lasted for a and a half. The bf left on a Thursday evening. Friday was work and I kinda cleared Saturday up do all my chores at home. .30am, Saturday morning, I got the laundry running and I'm cleaning the house, and I get a from Rene, asking what. I was up . I told him as much, and he immediately video me. I might mentioned him once or twice that I do my cleaning nude so....I guess I should be glad he remembers

I take the , we chat for a bit and he insists he come over "help". Of course I disagreed. I'm not having him over. That's my space with the husband. And the bf. So I agreed meet him after. Said he'd prep dinner for me. Aaaaand that wa . I've been spending all my time with Rene -_-

I know I said before that I was really gonna try NOT do that, considering all things, but...uh...hey, I DID try. Unseccessful, but still. I WAS successful in finding out some of his kinks though. He's a feet guy. Big, giant of a man like he, super cop (my nickname for him, actually) and all, really likes my feet. LOL. Does absolutely nothing for me. Even ticklish and distracting as hell when he insists on licking the soles of my feet and sucking on my toes when he's fucking me, but hey, gets him off BIG time. And finding these things out can be a strange affair. That Saturday when we met up, was big . I fucking love when we standing up with him carrying me. I even made him carry me every corner of his house, fucking me along the way. He did refuse do in his room but hey, that's kinda acceptable. LOL We did do the living room windows (in the dark, I should add) and dining table, so that was . . Totally my thing. Anyhoo.

That Sunday, met up with some of his friends after they went to floor ball. Kinda like hockey but in an indoor soccer courts...? I didn't join them, I just met them . I thought was a prissy, weird game. LOL. But hey, I wasn't for that sport. They were telling me about how earlier, how Rene was trying stop one of his opponent from getting past him by grabbing his neck and choking him, and they were all joking about how he was so fired up he better not choke me in my sleep that night.

First of all, how presumptuous of them to presume we were already going to be spending the night together. Uh...well, we did end up spending the night together but....that's not the point. LOL Second, I thought about that for a few minutes, then leaned in and whispered to Rene that he COULD choke me that night if he wanted to, but that's none of their business. That got a really good reaction from him and he put his hands on my thigh under the table, and slid between them, and up my crotch. That kinda led me spending the night at his place but I digress.

But that was the night where the floodgates opened slightly, and I got him pull my hair a harder than before and... was some good choking. I'll give him that. But he needs still work on the ass slap. was a lot of good lifting and throwing me on the bed. Flipping me over, that kinda stuff. He's a strong guy. But yeah, that was when all the feet thing emerged. He actually asked if I if he could lick my feet, and then ran with that. So yeah, good know . Always nice know what ticks the boxes. I'll just save all the nice underwear and dresses for the husband and nf when they get back, and whip out all my stilettos and pumps. LOL

So yeah, that's what I've been up to. That and planning how to tell Rene I'm gonna be bugging off in about 2 months....
Gym time / cameltoe time. Ah well 😋
Posted:Nov 25, 2021 7:26 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 10:59 pm

Hello blog, 's been awhile. All that flurry the last few weeks and then silence. Ah well...such is life

I was out with Rene late Monday evening (more on him the next time. I can't be blabbering on about him in all my blogs...can I?) and I bumped into an old friend of mine. We were close for a short while a few years ago. I mean, close enough to travel together at the time. She knows my husband and she's also very aware about our open relationship. She and I used to go clubbing together with the single aim of getting laid. She used to say we'd go hunting. It's such an embarrassing term but, ah well. Those were...embarrassing times . Anyhow.

I bumped into her, her fairly new husband and her new while we were at dinner late Monday night. I sincerely thought it was nice meeting her at first. Then she got judge-y on me. First, she commented on the attire. We had just come from our workout so I was in white workout shorts and a backless exercise top. (Okay, okay. I'll give her that. That was a bit over the top but still). Passing comments like "wow, you're still in pretty good shape and not hiding it", and "Really not bothering to hide much huh.." Granted, she was quite tactful in asking if the husband was still in the picture, and I told her of course. Then she made remarks like "oh wow! You're still actively doing this? Wow..." -_-

What. A. Bitch.

To think back, she used to be a ho. LOL. No, but seriously. She has DD cup tits and by gawd she used them all the time. All. The. Time. Every single time she sees someone she fancied, those tits came out -_- And now all of a sudden, she's married with and now she's all wholesome? Come on.... we exchanged pleasantries for a good 5 minutes tops, but any longer and I'd asked her husband if he knew what a ho she was. LOL. I know, I know. I am being extremely petty and I’m letting her get me. But I can’t stand that holier than thought attitude. Bitch. 😂

That was a gripe. Moving on now

I joined a CrossFit gym for a month. try out, for one. Also I can’t go the gym the boyfriend works in with Rene. 😝. Separate worlds. Right? I still use the gym in Rene’s apartment lift weights but I don’t really stick lifting weights. So anyhow. I joined a CrossFit gym with Rene. 🤪 We’ve been together a few times already and as with the training, ’s a lot of running, jumping that go together with lifting. Every time I move from one thing to the next, my bottoms ride up. Doesn’t matter if they’re long tights or shorts (I’m mostly in shorts. It’s AF), I can’t help . They ride up. The last few times we were sitting down after our workout and just chatting with the other people in class. And I gotta be honest, we were all checking each other out. It comes with the territory. The guys are mostly topless and in shorts. They’re mostly in pretty good shape. The ladies are in shorts and bra tops, one or two will a tank top over. So yeah, we do each other out. We try be discreet. Well, we all try.

Then ’s this older guy. Phenomenal shape for someone pushing 50. ’s probably age, which I can relate, as I’ll explain later, but he is not too discreet. Every time I over he’s staring either at my tits or at my crotch. Lol. It got a point where Rene asked if I noticed and if I was offended, and even offered say something on my behalf. Now, I thought that was sweet of him, but I also realised, in all honesty, I could care less. Lol.

Ask me a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t minded either, but would liked the attention (yes yes… I can be that much of an attention sometimes). These days, ’s more like I really cannot be bothered. I guess I’ve got that stage in life where I care even less than I did before. Heh. No wonder I feel liberated this past few years. Still, doesn’t stop me from getting all worked up from hypocritical judge-y bitches though. Lol.

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